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Empowering Transformation: The Journey of Keryn Gold and OTBi Solutions
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Empowering Transformation: The Journey of Keryn Gold and OTBi Solutions 

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and innovation, certain individuals emerge as true trailblazers, redefining the way organizations operate and achieving remarkable feats that were once deemed unattainable. Keryn Gold, a distinguished business leader, consultant, and founder of OTBi Solutions, stands as a prime example of such an individual. Her exceptional journey from a prodigious academic background to becoming a catalyst for revolutionary change within the business realm has not only inspired countless individuals but also reshaped the way companies approach their goals and challenges.


The Unconventional Path to Leadership


Keryn’s journey began with an unconventional academic trajectory. Entering college at the tender age of 14, she exhibited an exceptional aptitude for learning and problem-solving. Graduating summa cum laude from a Top 15 university by the age of 17, Keryn’s remarkable intellect was evident. Her academic pursuits culminated in a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences & Statistics from Washington University in St. Louis. Despite her academic prowess, Keryn recognized that academia’s culture wasn’t aligned with her passion for consulting and empowering businesses.


This realization marked a pivotal turning point, leading Keryn to found OTBi Solutions in 2012. Her innate drive to understand the intricate mechanisms of business led her to engage with venture capital and private equity groups, enabling her to grasp the intricacies of funding decisions. This profound understanding allowed her to develop an innovative approach to empower businesses and drive substantial value.


The Birth of OTBi Solutions


The inception of OTBi Solutions marked the culmination of Keryn’s experiences and insights. The company’s primary focus lay in enabling businesses to reduce costs while maintaining workforce quality and customer service excellence. Keryn’s unique approach rested on aligned incentives, where OTBi Solutions worked on a contingency basis – if they couldn’t find savings, clients incurred no charges. This not only showcased Keryn’s confidence in her team’s capabilities but also exemplified her commitment to delivering tangible impact.


The speed at which OTBi Solutions operates is another hallmark of its distinctiveness. Keryn’s team doesn’t merely formulate strategies on paper; they execute holistic solutions that yield rapid, implementable results. It’s this combination of an aligned approach, quick implementation, and data-driven expertise that allows OTBi Solutions to consistently deliver substantial returns on investment within a remarkably short time frame.


Empowering People and Uncovering Hidden Profits


One of the defining characteristics of OTBi Solutions is its emphasis on people. Keryn’s proficiency in data science, advanced analytics, and AI consulting, coupled with strategic partnerships, allows her team to delve deep into data and uncover inefficiencies. This approach enables them to empower employees, generate significant profit, and drive transformative change.


Furthermore, Keryn’s strategic partnerships focus on supplier and procurement optimization, a critical aspect of cost reduction. This partnership ensures that clients can secure the best prices from suppliers, thereby driving substantial savings. Keryn’s team manages negotiations with vendors and suppliers on behalf of clients, allowing them to achieve considerable cost savings without dedicating excessive time to the process.


Remarkable Success Stories


Under Keryn’s leadership, OTBi Solutions has achieved extraordinary outcomes across diverse industries. From enabling a tech CEO to realize her 5-year vision within a year to facilitating millions in savings at Fortune 50 and FAANG companies, Keryn’s impact is evident. She empowered a Fortune 1000 SaaS company to exceed revenue targets by four times in less than a year while reducing costs by over 20%. Moreover, Keryn’s innovation was showcased in automating data analysis for sales and marketing organizations, resulting in securing over $10 million in new business within four months.


Leadership Lessons and Future Endeavors


Keryn’s leadership philosophy revolves around empowerment and autonomy. She believes in treating individuals with trust and flexibility, a principle that fosters a culture of innovation and engagement. This approach, grounded in her experiences as a mother and business leader, resonates deeply with those who seek balance and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.


Keryn’s journey is far from over. Her future plans encompass the release of her book, “The Leadership Playbook, Revisited,” which encapsulates the strategies she has honed over decades of experience. Beyond her work with clients, Keryn remains dedicated to driving change that benefits the broader community, reflecting her genuine desire to make a positive impact.




In the world of business, few individuals possess the capacity to drive profound change and empower organizations to exceed their own expectations. Keryn Gold’s journey from academia to founding and leading OTBi Solutions embodies the spirit of innovation, compassion, and empowerment. Her unique approach to solving problems, aligning incentives, and fostering a culture of trust has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Through her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to making a difference, Keryn Gold has left an indelible mark on the business landscape, inspiring leaders and individuals to achieve their fullest potential while uncovering hidden profits that fuel innovation and growth.

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