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Linda Cheng, the Visionary CEO of Acare Technology Co. Leading the Charge in Respiratory Products & Medical Device Innovation

Linda Cheng, the Visionary CEO of Acare Technology Co. Leading the Charge in Respiratory Products & Medical Device Innovation 

Linda Cheng is a highly experienced CEO who graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. She began her career as a Product Specialist and later earned a System Engineer certificate through self-study. In 2003, she joined a listed stock company in the medical devices industry as a Product Management Department Manager and worked there until she established Acare Technology Co., Ltd. in 2006.

As the leader of Acare, Linda is committed to the company’s mission of providing reliable respiratory diagnostic and therapy equipment to its clients. The organization is dedicated to continuous growth and upgrading, as reflected in its logo, which features a ribbon symbol. Acare’s slogan, “Acare you could trust,” emphasizes the company’s dedication to providing high-quality products that its customers can rely on.

Acare’s product lineup is extensive, covering a wide range of respiratory product lines, such as Pulse Oximeter, SpO2 Probe Sensor, Medical Flowmeter, Oxygen regulator, Suction regulator, Medical Gas Outlet, CPAP devices, and CPAP masks. The company’s commitment to high-quality products and its excellent quality control system has earned it an ISO 13485 & GMP certification.

In addition to providing reliable respiratory diagnostic and therapy equipment, Acare is committed to giving back to the community. The company supports Rotary Club’s blood donation activities every year and believes that having a healthy company can help it carry out social responsibility.

In the face of the global pandemic, Acare has been playing a critical role in supporting respiratory disease precautions and avoiding oxygen waste in hospitals. The company has a one-stop medical device shopping service that ensures every product in the lineup meets the standard. Acare supplies its products to 103 countries globally and has been requested to supply necessary respiratory medical devices during the pandemic.

Looking towards the future, Linda and her team plan to continue satisfying customer requirements while adhering to medical regulations. They recognize that medical regulations are becoming increasingly stringent in different countries, which can result in high-cost inputs. However, they believe that the market demand circulation result will cover the continuous product development and medical regulation spending. The company will make more marketing promotions to highlight its reliability and recognition and contribute to the healthcare industry’s advancement.

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