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“Scott Truehl’s Professional Journey: From Politics to Commercial General Contracting”

“Scott Truehl’s Professional Journey: From Politics to Commercial General Contracting” 

Scott Truehl is a partner at Friede & Associates, a commercial general contracting firm that operates in the southern two-thirds of the state of Wisconsin. Friede & Associates is known for tackling challenging and unique projects, such as waterpark renovations, executive homes, industrial and manufacturing plants, and hospitality construction. The company’s focus is on becoming a “trusted partner” for their clients by offering more than just basic construction services.

Scott Truehl’s professional career has taken him through three different industries. His first job was in the political field, where he worked in the Wisconsin State Senate while studying Political Science at the University of Wisconsin. Later, he worked for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce as their Governmental Affairs Director for six years. This experience introduced him to the CEOs of several major corporations in the Madison area and gave him a better understanding of the operational issues these businesses faced.

In 1987, Truehl joined Wisconsin Power & Light as an economic development specialist, where he learned about the electric and gas industry. This experience eventually led him to the world of general contracting, and he has been a partner at Friede & Associates for the past 25 years.

Friede & Associates is unique in that it prioritizes building long-term relationships with clients. Instead of chasing jobs, they look for opportunities to create partnerships that can last for years. This approach involves going beyond basic construction services and providing assistance with finding land, arranging financing, negotiating municipal approvals and financial incentives, and helping clients with their long-term capital expense program.

One of the most important factors that sets Friede & Associates apart from its competitors is its emphasis on employee well-being. The company has a family-first approach and focuses on employee growth and training. They also prioritize safety and encourage innovative ideas from their team through a team-based project closeout process that recognizes outstanding employee performance and evaluates sub-contractor performance.

As a leader, Scott Truehl continues to learn and listen to others. He has had several great mentors in his career who emphasized the need for ongoing improvement and learning about customers’ businesses. By better understanding their needs and how they operate in the building, Friede & Associates can design and build better buildings. Truehl is also open to feedback and encourages suggestions from his team to improve their daily performance.

According to Truehl, the most important trait in a business leader’s career is not being afraid to fail and not thinking that they have to do everything themselves. Failure provides an opportunity for growth and improvement, and it’s essential to surround oneself with the best team possible and let them do their job. In conclusion, Scott Truehl’s professional journey has taken him through three distinct industries, ultimately leading him to become a partner at Friede & Associates. The company’s focus on building long-term relationships with clients and prioritizing employee well-being sets it apart from its competitors. Truehl’s leadership style emphasizes ongoing learning, customer understanding, and teamwork, making Friede & Associates a successful and unique commercial general contracting firm.

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