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Mark Shields: From Barclays Head to World Renowned CAM Coach and Founder of the Life Practice Group
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Mark Shields: From Barclays Head to World Renowned CAM Coach and Founder of the Life Practice Group 

Mark Shields is a former Barclays head of investments who founded the Life Practice Group in 2005. The Group includes multi-international training organizations and business services, such as the Life Practice UK LTD, The NLP Coaching Company LTD, the Life Practice Coaching Academy, and Better Life Coaching LTD. 

Mark Shields is now a best-selling author, master trainer of modern psychology, creator of the world-renowned CAM TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING METHODOLOGY™, and has worked with over 15000 clients and students worldwide since 2005.

 He is often described as one of the world’s leading behavioral change coaches, or by his book of the same name, THE CAM COACH. 

Mark Shields became a Master Trainer of NLP in 2008 when he was recognized for his insight, development, and unique advancements within the NLP arena by the Mind Institute in Australia. 

The Life Practice Group, through its numerous training academies and mentoring services, offers vocational life and business courses and programs to individuals and businesses in the UK and around the world. Now approaching their 20th successful year, they are known as the largest CAM Coaching Academy of its kind in the world today. They have won numerous awards for outstanding courses and programs, the latest receiving Global top 100 awards in 2021, 2022, 2023. 

The Group offers over 100 fully accredited coaching and psychology courses. Their mission “to be able to offer life-changing education to anyone anywhere” is evidenced by their ability to offer courses in multi-currencies, live, virtual, or in-person, with full international accreditation, available to all students from any country in the world via their flexible hybrid learning options. 

All their courses are known throughout the world as CAM Transformational Coaching. The multi-award-winning CAM Transformational coaching™ courses are multi-certificated coaching courses, which means students benefit from obtaining professional certifications in numerous coaching strategies, all within the same course. 

CAM Transformational coaching™ is the only coaching methodology in the world that takes a truly integrative approach to life coach training by combining LIFE, HEALTH & MIND coach training all within the same course. Their CAM Transformational courses are offered face-to-face via in-person scheduled courses, live virtually to anyone in the world, and 100% online with their self-paced learning diplomas. They attract students from all over the globe who want to become certified CAM Transformational Coaches with a view to setting up private practices to help people achieve profound change in their lives. To date, they have certified over 15000 coaches from over 30 countries. 

Mark Shields’ journey towards the founding of the Life Practice Group started when he was the director of an international bank and had reached the pinnacle of his career. He had the perfect life living in the Channel Islands with his family and managing a global investment business. 

One day, by chance, he saw a television program called the Life Guru. The program showed real-life examples of people with lifelong deep psychological problems fixed live on television by the show’s expert. It fascinated him. Mark Shields contacted the show’s expert and asked him to train him to do the same. A year later, he left his big job and set up as a life and business strategist, transforming people’s lives and businesses. 

Everyone thought he was mad; after all, who would give up everything for seemingly nothing other than being able to help people change their lives? The Life Practice Group has since gone from strength to strength with regular appearances in the media, radio, and TV, with a highlight of getting a business executive with a life-king fear of flying onto an airplane live on television. 

The Life Practice Group’s focus on the CAM Transformational Coaching™ methodology is what sets it apart from its competitors. They are the largest CAM Coaching Academy in the world.

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