Aradhna Dayal, the Founder and CEO of Access Alts Asia, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of finance and investments. With a deep understanding of Asian markets and a passion for bridging the gap between East and West, Dayal has led her company to become a transformative force in the industry. Through her remarkable journey and the exceptional services provided by Access Alts Asia, Dayal has created a platform that connects investors with lucrative opportunities in Asia while fostering deep relationships and building trust.


Educational Background and Professional Journey

Aradhna Dayal’s upbringing in the historic and spiritual city of Benaras in India played a significant role in shaping her worldview. Attending the esteemed Benaras Hindu University, she was exposed to a diverse range of perspectives, fostering an appreciation for intellectual, religious, and cultural differences. This early exposure laid the foundation for her future endeavors in building a global business.

Dayal’s quest for knowledge and personal growth led her to Harvard Business School, where she studied Global Strategic Management. Immersed in a dynamic environment, she engaged with classmates from various backgrounds, including military graduates and visionaries shaping the future of South Sudan. This experience provided her with a valuable network, profound insights into the business world, and an unwavering inspiration to engage in transformative work.


Access Alts Asia: Unlocking Opportunities in the Asian Market

Armed with her experience and deep understanding of the Asian financial landscape, Aradhna Dayal founded Access Alts Asia in 2016. Recognizing the rapid transformation taking place in Asia due to digitalization, she set out to bring international investors to the region and help Asian companies expand globally. Today, Access Alts Asia stands as a leading bridge between East and West, facilitating investment opportunities and cross-border collaborations.

Access Alts Asia hosts Asia-specific events in major financial hubs like New York, Dubai, London, and Singapore, showcasing the brightest ideas and businesses from the region. With over US$500 billion in combined represented assets, the company attracts family offices, institutions, and strategic investors seeking transformational investments in Asia.


Differentiating Factors: People-Centric Approach and Trust Building

In an industry often driven by numbers and transactions, Access Alts Asia stands out by focusing on the human element of investing. Aradhna Dayal firmly believes that investing is a people business, and she selects investments led by teams that exhibit integrity and a strong value system. This approach has proven to significantly increase the success rate compared to competitors.

Furthermore, Access Alts Asia fosters a relationship-driven approach, where every member considers the network as an extended family. The company values deep bonds and trust, promoting a collaborative environment where team members can openly communicate and support each other at any hour. This people-centric approach not only distinguishes Access Alts Asia but also forms the cornerstone of their success.


Continual Growth and Development as a Leader

Aradhna Dayal’s leadership style is centered around her genuine interest in people. By engaging with some of the sharpest minds globally, including politicians, world leaders, and individuals from all walks of life, she continually learns and grows. Dayal’s curiosity extends beyond formal meetings, as she actively seeks insights from local cab drivers, experiences local cuisine, and observes people on the streets during her travels. This empathetic and immersive approach allows her to assimilate knowledge about a country’s economy, culture, and future, ultimately shaping her leadership style.


The Most Important Trait in a Business Leader’s Career

According to Aradhna Dayal, the most important trait for a business leader is the ability to inspire. True leaders should inspire rather than scare their teams, approaching challenges with humility and embracing the possibility of stumbling. They should prioritize inclusivity over impulsiveness, possess a visionary mindset fueled by more than just empty passion, and care deeply about the social return on investment generated by their business, not solely the monetary gains.


Future Aspirations: Empowering Asia and Women in Leadership

Access Alts Asia’s future aspirations are rooted in their commitment to putting Asia on the world map as a global powerhouse. By channeling investments into crucial sectors such as mobility, healthcare, sustainable energy, banking, and logistics, Access Alts Asia aims to improve the lives of people not only in India and China but also in other parts of Asia like Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The company envisions a transformative impact on the lives of individuals in even the remotest corners of the continent.

Beyond the company’s goals, Aradhna Dayal personally aspires to see more women in leadership and decision-making roles. To realize this vision, she has initiated a program called “Women On Boards.” Through this program, she seeks to create opportunities and empower women to take on influential positions, promoting gender equality and diversity in the business world.


A Closing Quote: Embrace the Extraordinary

In conclusion, Aradhna Dayal’s incredible journey and the success of Access Alts Asia demonstrate the power of embracing the extraordinary. Dayal’s background, education, and diverse experiences have shaped her approach to leadership and investing. Her unwavering commitment to building deep relationships, promoting trust, and transforming the Asian market showcases her remarkable vision and determination.

Aradhna Dayal’s story and Access Alts Asia’s business services are a testament to the possibilities that arise when one explores, experiences, and pushes beyond the boundaries of the status quo. With a relentless pursuit of transformative investments and a dedication to empowering Asia and women in leadership, Aradhna Dayal continues to make a lasting impact on the global business landscape.