Food-tech startup myAir leverages AI to launch a stressless routine smart food platform

myAir platform leverages AI to provide smart food solutions. The groundbreaking platform uses Generative AI to measure, monitor, and relieve chronic stress, offering 24/7 nutritional support based on physiological and psychological indicators. Users receive a personalized plan tailored to their profile, with real-time insights into stress indicators and their effects. The platform features functional nutrition bars containing active plant formulations proven to reduce stress, as well as 24/7 personal support from an AI-based nutrition coach.

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and stress has been declared a global epidemic by the World Health Organization even before COVID-19. Co-Founder and CEO Rachel Yarcony, a career woman and mother with a busy lifestyle, struggled to manage her stress and realized that everyone around her suffered from a similar problem. Yarcony, who previously worked as an executive at Nestle and Teva Pharmaceuticals, recognized the importance of nutrition for health management and sought a natural solution based on active plants instead of drugs.

“Adopting habits for stress management such as meditation and mindfulness are very challenging. However, studies in the field of behavioral change have demonstrated that incorporating new habits into daily routines, such as nutrition, is the key to lasting change. Following in-depth research on the effect of our diet on mood, we developed a platform to measure, manage, and balance stress through a favorite habit – our food,” she said.

“Stress has many aspects,” says Dovev Goldstein, myAir Co-founder and CPO. “In our preliminary research, which was based on AI, we discovered that consumers have different stress symptoms. Some subjects are affected by stress mainly in the mornings, leading to decreased energy levels and focus. For others, stress affects their ability to fall asleep or sleep well at night. Each of us needs a different, customized solution. This is where myAir has redefined the paradigm.”

The myAir team, composed of scientists from the University of Berkeley and Tel Aviv University, developed a patent-protected algorithm based on physiological and psychological data to create a deep profile of the consumer’s cognitive response to stress. The algorithm also measures physiological indicators of stress, including changes in heart rate, HRV, breathing, sleep quality, and physical activity through smartwatches.

“Our expertise lies in connecting cognitive data with physiological aspects and adapting them to a diet based on active plants. This is a breakthrough in the world of food for mood,” said Yarcony.

To provide a comprehensive solution for stress management, myAir Coach incorporates continuous screening of the user’s behavioral profile, including analysis of physiological and psychological clinical data. The platform is available in a chat format on WhatsApp and Messenger, making it simple and convenient to use, with high engagement rates over time (76%), and an effectiveness of 80% of users who reduce stress.

Co-founder and CPO Dovev Goldstein said, “Even the most advanced nutritionists are not able to read all the relevant studies and stay updated daily. Generative AI technologies enable us to provide the smartest nutritionist in the world. We monitor the user’s behavioral profile, including analysis of physiological and psychological clinical data, so the nutritional recommendations are based on all the significant aspects for each user. The use of the platform in a chat format on WhatsApp and Messenger is simple and convenient, with extremely high engagement rates over time (76%), and an effectiveness of 84%.”

To celebrate the launch, myAir Coach is available for free for a limited time directly via WhatsApp and Messenger.

About myAir:

myAir smart food is a revolutionary dream come true developed by two seasoned entrepreneurs: food and pharma expert Rachel Yarcony, and data science expert Dovev Goldstein. They gathered world-leading scientists from Berkeley and Tel Aviv University, along with a top-notch data-science technology team, to disrupt the food industry with the first personalized nutrition solution for stress management. Together, they introduced the first personalized nutrition platform for stress management, creating a long-term health regime based on ongoing monitoring and rooted in data.