In this exclusive edition of “The 10 Most Innovative Business Leaders To Watch in 2023,” we proudly feature Mr. Naveen Rajkumar, a remarkable figure among the new generation of business leaders. Known for his purpose-driven approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, Naveen has consistently achieved outstanding results while inspiring others to follow suit.

A Journey of Purpose-Driven Leadership

Naveen’s career trajectory exemplifies the power of purpose-driven leadership. With a unique blend of visionary thinking and impeccable execution, he has earned a reputation as an inspirational leader who assembles high-performance teams and fosters successful businesses.

Beginning his professional journey in 1999 at Aditi Technologies as the General Manager, Naveen played a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth. Collaborating with prominent technology brands, he solved intricate software challenges and delivered top-tier products. Under his guidance, Aditi Technologies experienced substantial market value appreciation.

In 2009, Naveen joined Onvia Inc. as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, swiftly reversing a declining business trend. Leading the development of a technology platform, he empowered thousands of businesses to thrive by identifying lucrative opportunities with federal, state, and local governments in the USA. Through technological innovation and data-driven insights, Onvia Inc. tripled its market value and provided vital support to numerous enterprises during a challenging economic period.

Assuming the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer at iLink Systems in 2018, Naveen implemented robust processes, established global teams, and doubled the company’s revenue within just 30 months. Additionally, he laid a strong foundation for future inorganic growth, positioning iLink Systems as a formidable player in the industry.

Recognizing his expertise, Naveen serves on the boards of multiple organizations, offering valuable guidance in business and technology strategies. His insights contribute to go-to-market strategies, ensuring high client satisfaction, and assembling scalable systems and high-impact teams.

ISOutsource: Transforming the IT Services Industry

Naveen’s vision and leadership extend to ISOutsource, a Modern Technology Consulting Firm operating in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. With over 30 years of experience and a client base of more than 550 active businesses, ISOutsource simplifies IT infrastructure, reduces IT spending, and safeguards enterprises against cyber threats.

Providing end-to-end IT services and technology solutions, ISOutsource takes a proactive approach to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in harnessing the power of technology. Their dedicated team of professionals is wholly committed to ensuring client satisfaction. By mapping out technology journeys and constructing robust IT infrastructures, ISOutsource empowers businesses to flourish while maintaining cybersecurity.

Looking ahead, ISOutsource aims to revolutionize the IT services industry through their proprietary platform and toolset, BlueVault®. This innovative solution will set a new standard for delivering IT as a service.

Leaving a Legacy of Inspiration

At ISOutsource, Naveen and his team positively impact communities one business at a time. By providing innovative and strategic technology solutions, they empower hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises to succeed. Thriving businesses contribute to local communities by creating jobs and fostering economic growth. ISOutsource’s work cultivates an environment where businesses feel supported, productive, and fulfilled.

Advice from Naveen for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

When asked to share his advice for new CEOs and entrepreneurs, Naveen emphasizes the importance of serving people. He believes that CEOs and business leaders exist to serve clients, team members, and shareholders. By delighting clients and inspiring teams, a strong foundation for success can be built. Naveen also highlights the significance of being a visionary, understanding the evolving needs of clients, and embracing technology as a disruptor. Finally, he stresses the role of an inspirational leader who can effectively communicate the vision, foster alignment, and remove obstacles to achieve organizational goals.

Naveen’s vision is to leave a lasting impact on people’s lives, inspiring them to dream, learn, and achieve more. His leadership serves as a testament to the transformative power of purpose-driven business.