Lisa S. Jones: A Journey of Innovation and Human Connection at EyeMail Inc.

Lisa Jones

Lisa S. Jones:

In the dynamic world of digital communication, Lisa S. Jones stands out as a pioneer and innovator. The founder and Chief EyeMail Officer of EyeMail Inc., Lisa has carved a niche for herself and her company in the competitive landscape of marketing communications. In this exclusive interview, Lisa sheds light on her educational journey, the inception of EyeMail Inc., and the driving force behind her commitment to revolutionize email marketing.


Educational Odyssey and Professional Sojourn


Lisa’s educational foundation is rooted in a Bachelor of Science degree in Logistics & Procurement and an MBA from Alabama A&M University. Not stopping there, she pursued executive certification from the prestigious Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and is currently attending Harvard Business School, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and growth.


Her career ignited at NASA, where she played a crucial role in logistics mission lead projects for the Marshall Space Flight Center. The trajectory of her career saw her transition into the telecommunications industry, where she honed her skills in Supplier Diversity within the Office of Supplier Diversity for the nation’s largest wireless telecommunications provider. This diversification of experience laid the groundwork for her entrepreneurial venture.


Lisa reflects on her early career: “For more than 18 years, I’ve been a digital innovator and disruptor of marketing communications.” This experience has not only equipped her with industry knowledge but has also fueled her passion for connecting people through innovative means.



EyeMail Inc.: Revolutionizing Email Communications


EyeMail Inc., founded in 2004, has positioned itself as a multi-patent-pending marketing communications company. Lisa, as the visionary leader, promises to inspire interpersonal connections globally through engaging video-in-email experiences. EyeMail’s unique proposition lies in its patent-pending customer experience technology, enabling automatic video play inside emails and mobiles.


We believe your message deserves to be Seen, Heard & Felt,” says Lisa, emphasizing the transformative power of EyeMail’s services. The company focuses on amplifying email experiences with video, developing an iconic formula to extend storytelling in the inbox, capturing attention, engaging audiences, and inspiring action.


The company’s offerings include a custom Managed Services Model and a Software as a Service (SaaS) EyeMail Storytelling Platform (ESP). EyeMail’s additional product lines, such as EyeCon and EyeViewer Assistant (EVA), showcase the company’s commitment to innovation and enhancing user experiences. A notable upcoming release is ‘Video in Text,’ slated for Q3 2024.


The Catalyst: A Personal Journey


The genesis of EyeMail Inc. traces back to a pivotal moment in Lisa’s life. The sudden passing of her mother at the age of 61 reshaped Lisa’s perspective on communication and its impact. “Sometimes life moments will redirect your journey and purpose,” she reflects.


Motivated by the profound effect of a single communication, Lisa envisioned a brand that highlights the importance of human connection. Her exploration of marketing emails from major brands revealed a gap – static and uninspiring content. This realization became the impetus for EyeMail: “What if I could give Email a personality, what if email could be brought to life with automatic play video directly in the email inbox.”


Thus, EyeMail was born, with a mission to infuse life into email communications and create a platform that fosters meaningful connections.


Setting EyeMail Apart: A Commitment to Excellence


EyeMail distinguishes itself through its patent-pending customer experience technology. Lisa emphasizes the company’s ability to innovate and execute, maintaining a competitive edge in the cluttered email landscape. The seamless 60-second video experience delivered at an average size of 15kb without downloads, thumbnails, or hyperlinks sets EyeMail apart from competitors.


Importantly, EyeMail values its customers as more than just numbers. Lisa asserts, “We care about our customers, and they are not treated as a number but as part of our family.” This customer-centric approach underscores the company’s commitment to building lasting relationships.


Accolades and Client Recognition


EyeMail’s impressive clientele includes Microsoft, PepsiCo, Porsche North America, Madison Square Garden, Delta Air Lines, MGM Resorts International, Coca-Cola, and Harvard Business School. Lisa has been honored with prestigious awards including Microsoft Finalist-Diverse Supplier of the Year, Stevie Award, ‘Innovator of the Year’ and the Delta Air Lines ‘Catalyst of the Year’ award, Top 10 Disruptive Leaders to Watch, and Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech, celebrating her accomplishments as a trailblazer and visionary in technology.


Employee Well-being: A Cornerstone of Success


Recognizing the importance of employee well-being, Lisa highlights its direct impact on performance. A satisfied and engaged workforce leads to a positive work environment, reducing stress and burnout. This commitment reflects not only in the company’s performance but also in its corporate reputation.


Leadership Evolution: Embracing Change and Growth


Lisa’s approach to leadership centers on continuous learning and adaptability. Staying curious and intentional about growth and innovation has been instrumental in her leadership journey. She actively seeks knowledge through workshops, conferences, and networking, embracing change and leading by example.


Her leadership principles revolve around empathy, creating a compassionate work culture that encourages collaboration and growth. Lisa’s business mantra of practicing gratitude daily underscores her commitment to making a difference and persevering through challenges.


The Business Leader’s Trait: Embracing Adaptability


In Lisa’s perspective, adaptability is the most crucial trait for a business leader. The ability to navigate changes in technology, market trends, and industry dynamics positions a leader to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Embracing adaptability fosters a culture of creativity and encourages innovation, essential in today’s dynamic business landscape.


EyeMail’s Future Aspirations: Global Mass Adoption


Looking ahead, Lisa envisions EyeMail achieving global mass adoption. EyeMail’s versatility in being created in any language and sent globally with a single click forms the foundation of this aspiration. Trends include enhanced features for accessibility, inclusiveness through closed captioning, and the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence for advanced email communications.


The future holds a convergence of machine learning and AI concepts in video-in-email engagement. Lisa envisions a shift from text emails to video avatars providing personalized information, enhancing the consumer experience.


Closing Thoughts: The Power of One and Moving Forward


In closing, Lisa leaves us with a powerful message: “Never underestimate the Power of 1 and your ability to make a difference to society at large. Greatness can be born from within anywhere in the world, and Significance is not geographically defined.


Her personal mantra echoes resilience and perseverance: “When the urge to give up arises, continue to embrace the strength to dig deep & Take Another Step Forward!” This sentiment encapsulates not only Lisa’s journey but also the ethos of EyeMail Inc. – a commitment to innovation, human connection, and the relentless pursuit of making a difference in the world of digital communication.

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