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Empowering Change: Ellen Voie’s Journey and the Women In Trucking Association
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Empowering Change: Ellen Voie’s Journey and the Women In Trucking Association 

In the vast expanse of the trucking industry, where long highways stretch like arteries connecting economies, the presence of women has often been overshadowed by its male-dominated nature. However, an individual with a passion for change and a vision of inclusivity decided to shift gears and create a space where women could not only drive trucks but also drive transformation. Ellen Voie, the founder of the Women In Trucking Association, embarked on an incredible journey to reshape an industry, empower women, and redefine leadership.


A Journey Forged by Diversity and Determination


Ellen’s journey is a testament to the power of diversity, determination, and a commitment to equal opportunities. Growing up in a small Wisconsin village during the 1960s, Ellen imbibed the values of small-town life while also benefiting from parents who believed in equal opportunities for their daughters. Early on, she defied stereotypes by pursuing industrial arts classes, mastering skills traditionally seen as male-centric.


This foundation led her to a role in the drafting department of a steel fabrication plant. The experience ignited her curiosity about the broader transportation industry, prompting her to take up a two-year course in Traffic & Transportation Management. This decision opened doors to becoming a Traffic Manager, where she honed skills like reading tariffs, auditing freight bills, and understanding the intricacies of transportation logistics.


Even as she started a family, Ellen’s pursuit of knowledge continued. She freelanced as a consultant for eighteen years while earning her Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin. Her determination and commitment to growth eventually led her to a pivotal moment – a role at a trucking company.


Catalyst for Change: The Birth of Women In Trucking Association


It was in this corporate setting that Ellen Voie’s entrepreneurial spirit truly ignited. As she became aware of the underrepresentation of women in the trucking industry, she realized the urgency for a change. The trucking sector was characterized by a lack of appreciation for the skills and contributions that women could bring to this male-dominated arena.


Drawing inspiration from her involvement in an association for female pilots, Ellen recognized the need for a similar platform for women in the trucking industry. In 2007, this recognition crystallized into action, and the Women In Trucking Association was born. Its purpose was clear: to advocate for increased female participation in trucking, address barriers hindering women’s progress, and celebrate the accomplishments of women in the industry.


A Beacon of Inclusivity: Women In Trucking Association’s Impact


The Women In Trucking Association stands apart from other organizations through its multifaceted approach to fostering change. Functioning as both a trade and professional association, it boasts a diverse membership comprising individuals and corporations who share the mission of promoting gender diversity in the trucking industry.


With over 8,000 members across ten countries, the association is a global force for change. Among its many offerings are white papers, research data for benchmarking, webinars, newsletters, and a print publication. Its annual conference draws thousands of participants seeking to learn, collaborate, and contribute to a more inclusive industry.


Leadership Anchored in Integrity and Growth


For Ellen Voie, leadership is a journey of continuous learning and unwavering integrity. Her commitment to challenging herself through relevant courses and literature reflects her dedication to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by women in male-dominated careers. Her leadership style revolves around consistency – aligning actions with words and setting a personal standard that others can rely on.


Driving Toward the Future


The future for Women In Trucking Association holds promise, but it also marks a bittersweet transition for Ellen. As she passes the reins to a successor, the association’s journey continues with new energy. Ellen’s legacy, however, remains a source of inspiration for change agents across industries.


Closing Thoughts


In Ellen Voie’s words, “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” Her journey from a small Wisconsin village to the helm of a global movement showcases the profound impact one person can have when driven by passion and purpose. Through the Women In Trucking Association, Ellen not only revolutionized an industry but also paved the way for women to conquer new horizons.


Her story is a testament to the fact that, with vision, determination, and a commitment to inclusivity, individuals can break barriers and transform industries. Ellen Voie’s journey is a beacon of change, a reminder that the road to progress is navigated by those willing to venture beyond the ordinary.

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